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How to get job in a company ?

How to get job in a company ?

or not… GoldenLine of misconception

It has been already a month since I moved into Warsaw. During that time I have created myself few opportunities to meet exceptional people with whom I discussed some bothering topics and asked questions worth asking. I’ve also had a chance to take part in a preposterous recruitment process that was in conflict with the employer’s mottos and slogans.

Moving into the capitol of Poland I’ve had a good rule of thumb to find a job that I’ll love. What goes with that- I will be also ready for maximum commitment because one does not leave Cracow and charming Wroclaw for every Tom, Dick and Harry.

You can imagine how easy it is to find sentences like:

we offer/ guarantee opportunities to branch out and develop your skills, work in a young, dynamic and innovative team, openess for new ideas and area for their implementation”.

How Google Works, Eric Schmidt (1 SlideShare) , Executive Chairman at Google

While we are about it, I always wondered if the ‘young team’ has any age threshold that, at some point, simply does not land you a job because you are too old. Check-mate candidate!

Soon after I started my post-graduate studies in Corporate Communication and PR, I’ve realized that there are companies investing in employees whom we can call ‘Smart Creatives’. These companies let their Smart Creatives spread their wings for the benefit of the employer.

Eric Schmidt said:

You want to invest in the people who are going to do what they think is right, whether or not you give them permission. You will find that those people will usually be your best smart creatives. (…) These are the product folks who combine technical knowledge, business experience and creativity.

In this case, if we are striving to be a company of a sterling character alike Google, we should, more that concentrating on placing phone booths in the office, concentrate on our culture.

Character of the company is a sum of characters of its employees

They say that in the recruitment process the element of team fitting is a decider. But what is the HR procedure decides to pulp you?

Screenshot 2015-06-29 at 14.10.41
How Google Works, Eric Schmidt (1 SlideShare) , Executive Chairman at Google

For I worked in the HR myself, I can speak out in the subject that is somehow close to me: let’s be real, hiring is the most important thing to do. If you are looking for a creative person who has the technical knowledge, is willing to learn new stuff, who can deliver a ground-breaking product and, by being interested in your company earlier, has an outlined plan worth to be discussed you are giving them a test of verbal reasoning?

I admit I didn’t know this HR trick and I’ve failed learning from a computer that in this particular company I will not be able to think logically:)

To highlight the absurd of this situation even more I did a close reading about the particular hiring tests. So I learnt that the verbal reasoning tests are given to candidates willing to work in fields such as: Finance & Banking, Consulting, Trade, Pharmaceutic science, Motorization industry, Petrochemy & Energy, FMCG, Telecommunication, IT. So considering Polish language, where would you fit Marketing Specialist? Is this just a cute name or aren’t we supposed to call this position ‘Trader’? This issue has been commented on by professor Jerzy Bralczyk, well-known Polish linguist and specialist on media, commerce and politics. In the case of creative nomenclature for company promoting their motto: “don’t complicate, simplify” they did not make good job.

It’s fine to have a plan
but understand that in the process of growth and development this plan needs to be changed.

Everyone is busy trying to think outside the box. It’s more impressive to fit yourself inside the box. To see a box from a new perspective. To deconstruct the box and find a new use for it.

I did not agree with the heartless computer who, as we say in the HR jargon, is missing a human touch. I decided to call on the company, who wants to bee seen as the creative Google or Linkedin, and tell them where the shoe pinches.

I also tried to answer myself why this most important for the company process is given away to the outside firm, shoving away the responsibility for taking the decision from the recruiter and putting it on a computer?

If so much can be heard about leaving your comfort zone, why doesn’t the HR department listen?

When you are reading my text you decide yourself whether it is good, what I say makes sense and you understand what I am trying to say. I come from a point where everyone can speak out.

We live in times when children learn faster how to write on a keyboard than how to hold a pen in their hand. Therefore, I’d like to ask about dyslexia that does not disapear when you graduate from high school.

And don’t get me wrong: I’m not making excuses but stating that one can train many things but won’t jump over others.

Screenshot 2015-06-29 at 11.28.26

How Google Works, Eric Schmidt (1 SlideShare) , Executive Chairman at Google

After one of the trainings I took part in recently, I’ve been talking to one of the participants about this issue (btw she graduated from the prestigious Law Department at the University of Warsaw). When she told me that, alike many of her peer, she got a paper for dyslexia just to pass A-levels, I almost choked !

The verbal reasoning test gives you 17 minutes on answering 30 questions for text understanding (where the cloack tick-tocks in front of you) and certainly does not disqualifies the mentioned above type of dyslexia. Though the real dyslexics come to a point there the passing time becomes ticking of a time bomb.

I kindly asked myself together with the particular company whether they are searching for a sapper?Would I have to work in such conditions daily? Maybe I did not graduate from the University of Warsaw but I know how much sacrifice my philological diploma cost.

It seems to me that the pace of taking decisions in the position of Marketing Specialist may matter in the case of crisis situation, which acually means that you should act up to the previously designed plan.

So let’s be bold, data analysis in a rush disqualifies me in makes me fall at the first hurdle. Even though I am not a deb on the job market, already having on my account few serious positions, I still cannot understand what is expected from such candidate.

After a dwo two-day treinig of Google AdWords I had a pleasure to share a taxi with Pawel Tkaczyk who, as  he says himself, earns his living with storytelling. I asked him whether he knows what dyslexia is, whether nawadays he would employ someone with dyslexia and whether it’d be good to work with Einstein i Churchill?

Our conversation cheered me up and made me come to a conclusion: I know who I am and I can do. Some companies are missing Larry Page, the cofunder of Google, who steps in and says:

HR „that plan is stupid”.